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Bishop-John-C.-Wester-of-Salt-Lake-CityDear Friends,

As Bishop of the Diocese of Salt lake City, I am pleased to extend my support for the mission of the Utah's Catholic Business Network.

This effort of committed Catholics for mutual support in the business arena will certainly enhance the faith community and is a praiseworthy endeavor.

As never before, the Church depends on the laity ot make Christian values evident in the workplace.  The commitment of the Catholic Business Network members to live the precepts of the gospel with determination and integrity speaks volumes to others in the competitive world there they earn their living.

The strengthening of the faith community in the Christian business arena is a goal I support and an effort I encourage others in the world of business to embrace.

Sincerely yours in the Lord,


The Most Reverend John C. Wester
Bishop of Salt Lake City

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